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2020 Annual Meeting

We’ll meet again …

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we regret that our in-person annual meeting, scheduled for May 6, 2020, has been canceled. But we thank you for joining us at our first “virtual meeting” to elect officers and hear the news from Yates Mill Associates!

Members of Yates Mill Associates are invited every spring to attend the members’ meeting on the first Wednesday of May to elect directors, hear YMA news and help us make decisions about our mission to preserve and celebrate historic Yates Mill. If you’re not a member, join now! Memberships renew annually on March 1.

Board elections:

YMA members, voting online and by mail, elected the following to three-year terms on our Board of Directors:

  • Ed Barrows
  • Corinne Dunn
  • Larry Hancock
  • Leslie Meadows
  • Travis Park

All are returning directors except Travis Park; please welcome him to the board!

Special thanks to all of you who included a check with your mailed ballot. We’re very grateful for our members’ support, especially in our current challenging conditions.

In an online meeting on May 27, the board ratified the votes and elected the following officers to our executive committee:

  • President: Larry Hancock
  • Vice President: Bob Harkness
  • Treasurer: Corinne Dunn
  • Secretary: Leslie Meadows
  • Board at-large: Jill Thomas

Thanks to all our elected leaders for their service!

2020 program and reports:

Previous Annual meetings:

Want to serve on the board or advisory council? Have questions about YMA’s structure or the annual meeting actions? Contact us by sending an email to