Get a peek inside Yates Mill

There’s no doubt that Historic Yates Mill County Park is worth a visit on any day of the week. It’s a hidden gem – lush woods with trails the whole family can enjoy; a pond that is home to a variety of fish, fowl, amphibian and reptile life; and a visitor center with displays about the mill’s history and mechanics – as well as a porch with rocking chairs that command a picturesque view of the park’s centerpiece.

And that centerpiece, of course, is something every visitor should explore. You can have a great time simply walking around the park, certainly. But when you take a tour inside Yates Mill, you’re looking at living history – history of industries, of agriculture, of human lives – painstakingly restored and maintained by Yates Mill Associates. And the only way to get inside is to sign up for a mill tour.

From March through November, you can take a mill heritage tour each Saturday or Sunday at 2 p.m.. except on the third weekend of the month. On that weekend, volunteers dress in mid-19th century costume and actually grind cornmeal on site. That’s right – we put this 260-plus-year-old mill to work right in front of you! You can buy our cornmeal as well … and we personally guarantee, after rigorous and frequent testing, that it’s delicious.

We charge a nominal fee for tours ($5 for adults, $3 for seniors and kids), every cent of which goes back into the upkeep of Yates Mill. And that’s an important contribution by you, our guests: It costs a fair bit for repairs to a fragile, historic building that has recently narrowly escaped a tornado, an earthquake and a hurricane, never mind years of daily wear from pond water and machinery vibrations.

So please come out and see us this weekend! Click here for details on tour times, as well as information about group tours and educational programs during the week. And if the weather’s iffy (very hot, cold or rainy) be sure to call the park first at 919-856-6675 to make sure the tours are still on.

You can also keep up-to-date on news from Historic Yates Mill County Park on its Facebook page or by following its Twitter feed, @YatesMillPark.

See you at the mill!

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