Honors for YMA leaders

John Vandenbergh

John Vandenbergh

Two of the people who played key roles in protecting Yates Mill have been honored for theirĀ positive impact on our community, one as a leader in education and scientfic research, and the other asĀ an advocate for the arts, historic preservation, health care and youth organizations.

Former YMA president John Vandenbergh and the late Katherine “Kit” Boney have been honored by N.C. State’s retired faculty and the Raleigh Hall of Fame, respectively, for their many contributions to our area and to society at large.

John recently received the fifth William C. Friday Award for Distinguished Service in Retirement from the Association of Retired Faculty at NCSU. The organization said John “beautifully embodies distinguished service in retirement,” citing not only his role in co-founding Yates Mill Associates, but also his continued efforts to develop good science policy at the national level. That work has focused on advancing the role of basic research in evaluating harmful substances in the environment — specifically, the plastics component bisphenol-A or BPA — and to ensure that animals used in research receive high quality care.

As busy as he is on the national scientific stage, we’re grateful that John continues to play an important role with YMA as a very active park volunteer and as immediate past president on our executive committee.

Kit Boney’s dynamic personality and skill as a fundraiser played a crucial part in helping YMA raise the necessary funds to restore Yates Mill. Though we still miss her, we’re proud that the mill stands today as a result of her efforts.

The citation naming her one of the 10 members of the Raleigh Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013 reads: “As a fundraising professional and a dedicated volunteer, Kit Boney had a positive and lasting impact on institutions throughout Raleigh and across North Carolina. She was instrumental in the restoration and development of Historic Yates Mill and Historic Oak View, and was a leading advocate for the arts, health care and youth organizations.”

Kit and the rest of the Hall’s honorees will be inducted at a gala dinner on Oct. 7 at the Raleigh Convention Center. You can make a reservation or help sponsor the event by visiting the Hall’s website.

YMA’s work is only possible because of the dedication and passion of people like John and Kit. Will you help us keep up their tradition? Join or make a gift to Yates Mill Associates, or email us to ask about volunteer opportunities with the organization.

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