New company brews up gift for Yates Mill

Robbins and Lillard with Raleigh Brewing beer

Cheers to Yates Mill and Raleigh Brewing!

We all know what delicious breads, muffins and cookies you can make with cornmeal ground at Yates Mill. Now our friends at one of Raleigh’s newest businesses have shown us how to make a delicious beverage to go with those treats: beer! And historically accurate beer, at that!

A full house of Yates Mill Associates supporters and friends joined the regular customers at Raleigh Brewing Co. in July as the new craft brewery tapped a cask of Yates Mill Common, a limited edition beer made by employee Michael McAdoo.

What’s more, RBC made a gift of $200 — one dollar per glass sold, plus an extra “tip” — to Yates Mill Associates to support our ongoing mill repairs.

RBC, which opened earlier this year near N.C. State, regularly features employee casks at its tap room and Michael’s brews have been on the menu several times. Earlier this summer, he told YMA President Margaret Lillard, a craft beer fan, that he’d like to try a recipe for a Kentucky common – a type of beer brewed in that state and elsewhere in the South from about the 1850s until Prohibition. It features cornmeal, rye malt and wheat malt in addition to hops.

Collecting cornmeal

Michael (right) watches as miller William Robbins checks the coarseness of the meal

Michael stopped by Yates Mill during our June corn-grinding weekend to pick up a batch of coarsely ground meal from William Robbins, our head miller. The light-flavored, low-alcohol Kentucky common style takes only a week or two to age, so the beer was ready to be tapped on July 16.

A sizeable crowd of YMA friends came out for the event. We were delighted to see founders Robert Rader and John Vandenbergh, as well as current and past board members, volunteers, park staff, and other friends. We finished the 10-gallon keg in just over an hour, but guests happily lingered to try some of Raleigh Brewing’s regular offerings.

YMA is very grateful to Michael as well as Raleigh Brewing owners Kristie and Patrik Nystedt for their generosity and hospitality. They’ve established themselves as good business citizens, supporting other nonprofits with events and special casks, and we hope to partner with them again.

RBC party

A crowd of YMA friends and beer lovers bellies up to the bar

In the meantime, if you haven’t been to the tap room, what are you waiting for? Check their Facebook page for upcoming events and special brews, and head on out!

Raleigh Brewing is just off Hillsborough Street behind the Beansprout Restaurant and old Royal Bakery, across from the entrance to Meredith College. The street address is 3709 Neil St., and you can call them at 919-400-9086 if you get lost.


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