Greetings from Yates Mill Associates, the non-profit organization responsible for restoring and maintaining Yates Mill, a historic and cultural landmark in Wake County, North Carolina.

Yates Mill was built in the 1750s – before the City of Raleigh was established several miles to its north. It served for well over two centuries as a hub of commerce, agriculture, culture and community. After it ceased operations in the middle of the 20th century, private and later public owners recognized its unique value, protecting it from destruction as the city and county grew increasingly urbanized.

Beginning in the late 1980s, Yates Mill’s admirers began formalizing their efforts to protect, restore and eventually reopen the mill to the public. Yates Mill Associates was formed to spearhead this effort. Thanks to partnerships with North Carolina State University and Wake County and the support of benefactors including the A.E. Finley Foundation, Yates Mill is now the centerpiece of a 574-acre park and wildlife preserve.

You can read more about Yates Mill Associates at our website and make a gift to support the mill’s ongoing restoration and maintenance.

For information about the park including directions, maps and hours of operation, visit the website of Historic Yates Mill County Park.

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