The damp underbelly of Yates Mill

Ordinarily, nobody goes underneath Yates Mill unless something is wrong or that someone is a snake. It’s dangerous for people – slippery and with unstable footing. At the same time, it’s very hospitable territory for the northern water snake. That makes it one of several types of protected habitat for wildlife in Yates Mill County Park.

So, because you can’t go underneath the mill yourself, one of our mill operator trainees took some video for you to enjoy. It’s cellphone footage so it’s not high quality, but it gives you an idea of all the machinery it takes to grind corn and wheat.

If you want to see more, visit our YouTube channel. Or come out to Yates Mill for a tour one of these weekends. Check with the park first at 919-856-6675 – we’ve had to cancel some tours recently due to bad weather.

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