Volunteer wrangler Carolyn Carter moves on

If you’ve been a regular visitor to Historic Yates Mill County Park – and especially if you’ve been there when our volunteer docents, interpreters and merchandise sellers are at work – chances are you’ve met Carolyn Carter, the park’s volunteer coordinator.

Carolyn has been an essential part of the Yates Mill team since the park opened in 2006. During the nine months each year that we open the mill to visitors, she’s the master scheduler, organizing an army of volunteers each weekend to guide tours, dress in period costume, operate the waterwheel and sell Yates Mill Associates merchandise. She makes sure we have people on duty at the reception desk, helping with weekday group tours, and proudly representing Yates Mill at events at other historic and cultural sites around Wake County.

Carolyn also helps to organize periodic volunteer appreciation barbecues and receptions – when it helps to have a husband who plays in a kickin’ bluegrass band (the Kudzu Ramblers)! And, if you look at the blog entry just below this one, you’ll see that she does a great job of helping you get to know our volunteers and keeping them up to date on everything that’s happening at the park.

We’re sad to say that, after nearly six years at Yates Mill, Carolyn says it’s time to move on to other endeavors. She’ll be at the park until our January 21st volunteer reception – which she organized! So if you stop by and see her, please be sure to give her a big THANK YOU. Carolyn has made the volunteer experience rewarding and fun for each of us, and that in turn means your visit will be a memorable one.

We’ll miss you, Carolyn!

(Wake County does plan to fill Carolyn’s job, so keep an eye on the park’s official website for the job posting, which should be up soon.)

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