2007 Newsletters

Newsletter Articles from 2007

As Yates Mill was restored, Yates Mill Associates published and mailed a paper newsletter to keep supporters informed on the progress and to share historical discoveries.

Here is an article from 2007:

  • The Mill As Community Hub by Leslie Hawkins

Water-powered mills played a distinct role in peoples' lives for centuries. A descendant of a milling family from Orange County, North Carolina once said, "it would be difficult to assess the impact of these old mills over the years. I hold with the belief that they once had a great and good influence...on the opening up and development of communities." Quoted from A Community of Men and Mills by Jean Anderson. Mill were built in places that suited many different kinds of businesses so communities emerged in the area. Blacksmith shops, community stores, and distilleries commonly appeared after a mill's establishment. Local farmers met and exchanged news, churches held baptisms in the millpond, and fishing was a popular pastime. The article's author is planning a Master's thesis that will focus on Yates Mill on Steep Hill Creek, Lassiter's Mill on Crabtree Creek, and Hood's Mill on Lake Myra. Yates Mill and Lassiter's Mill were established at roughly the same time but in different parts of Wake County, North Carolina. Yates Mill closed in 1953 but Lassiter Milling Company continued operations through 1970 when it was sold to House-Autry Mills of Newton Grove, North Carolina. The complex at Lake Myra wasn't built until the early 1900s with much of the site focused on recreation instead of business.

To see more information about the history of Yates Mill and the role Yates Mill Associates played in restoring the mill, visit the A.E. Finley Center at Historic Yates Mill County Park to see displays, view artifacts, and watch videos of the mill in action.