Archived Newsletters

For many years, the main mission of Yates Mill Associates was to restore Yates Mill from a dilapidated building to a historically accurate working grist mill. Between 1993-2010,  YMA published and mailed a paper newsletter to supporters, detailing efforts by the YMA Board of Directors, Historic Yates Mill County Park staff, and volunteers to restore Yates Mill as accurately as possible. Thousands of hours went into fundraising, research, planning, and building so that Yates Mill could once again be a place for the community to gather and learn.

Many of the articles found in these newsletters give a fascinating glimpse into the life of mill owners, mill operators, and the advanced technology and community of bygone eras.

As records are digitized, newsletter articles on the history of Yates Mill and its restoration will be added.

Current index of articles:


  • Artifact Spotlight: Euclid Watch Fob by Allison Ribaudo


  • Extreme Makeover: Artifact Edition Yates Mill – Artifact Conservation Treatment by Allison Ribaudo
  • The Miller’s Corner – Shed Repairs by William Robbins


  • History Revealed: Lea Family Lends Mill Artifacts to Park by Leslie Hawkins
  • The Miller’s Corner – How Long Does a Millstone Last? by William Robbins
  • The Miller’s Corner – Tools of the Trade: Jack Stick by William Robbins
  • Millponds and the Environment by John Vandenbergh
  • Grain Wagon Acquired and Moved to Park by Rebeccah Cope
  • Early Land Grant and Mill Research by Rebeccah Cope
  • The Miller’s Corner – Hopper Boy by William Robbins


  • The Mill As Community Hub by Leslie Hawkins


  • Forensic Photographer Is Helping to Document Mill Graffiti – By Sarah Rice
  • Tropical Storm Alberto – Mill Damage and Repairs by Jeanne Robbins


  • “Jim Graham” Hopper-Boy Installation Completed by William Robbins
  • American-Flat Grinding System at Yates Mill
  • Research Continues On The Origins Of  The Millstones At Historic Yates Mill County Park by Mike Smith
  • Restoration of the Flour Milling Process Completed by William Robbins
  • Recent Historical Developments at Yates Mill by Sarah Rice and Rebeccah Cope


  • Hopper Boy Construction Begins by William Robbins
  • Old Yates Mill Painting in Need of Conservation
  • Drive Gears for Bolter and Grain Cleaner Installed by William Robbins
  • Barrel Packer/Flour Press Installed by William Robbins


  • The Finley Lodge by Dick Thompson and John Vandenbergh
  • Hand Quern Built and Donated for Use at Yates Mill
  • Bolter Restoration Nears Completion by William Robbins
  • Recollections of the Mill from 25 Years Ago by Donald Barnes
  • Grain Cleaner Restored
  • Researchers Visit Yates Mill
  • Mill Speak Round 2
  • Mill Speak Round 3
  • Vertical Shaft Installed

To see many of the items mentioned in these articles visit Yates Mill at Historic Yates Mill County Park.

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