2010 Newsletters

Newsletter Articles from 2010

As Yates Mill was restored, Yates Mill Associates published and mailed paper newsletters to keep supporters informed on the progress and to share historical discoveries.

Here is an article from 2010.

  • Artifact Spotlight: Euclid Watch Fob by Allison Ribaudo

Newsletter Article from 2010 - A Euclid Road Machinery Company watch fob was found after heavy rains at Yates Mill. Euclid Road Machinery Company was a client of A.E Finley's North Carolina Equipment Company and it is thought the fob was lost by a Euclid Road Machinery Company employee during a visit to the property years before. The watch fob is a circular piece of silver metal with Euclid Machinery engraved on each side. Depicted on the fob are two types of dump trucks produced by Euclid Road Machinery Company - a Model 1ZW bottom dump introduced in 1934 and a 1LLD read dump truck introduced in 1953.

To see more information about the history of Yates Mill and the role Yates Mill Associates played in restoring the mill, visit the A.E. Finley Center at Historic Yates Mill County Park to see displays, view artifacts, and watch videos of the mill in action.